Things in the boating world are finally starting to slow down. We’ve just finished our last boat show of the year and Yamaha has released one last warranty promotion to help us end the year right. Now is the time of the year where the air starts to get a little colder and the water slowly follows suit. The holidays start to become the ruler of our family time and until the 2015 at the end of our date becomes 2016, family dinners and gatherings begin to take over our weekends.

It’s about that time to pick up the phone and call your distant and often odd relatives that you only talk to during this holiday season. Time to roll the dice to see who gets to clean their house and spend two days cooking for the rest of their family. Thankfully here in Florida, you also have the opportunity to get that family out of the house and spend some quality time on the water. Here at Outcast we love to encourage families to venture out in the chill and continue to see what the bay has to offer during our very brisk “winter”.

Whether you’re taking your center console out to try out some new fishing spots you heard about from a buddy or you’re taking the in-laws out for a cruise around the bay; be sure to set some time aside for the gorgeous midday weather. Just get out there and enjoy all of the wonderful nature of Florida that is so hard to appreciate when it’s 100 degrees.

In the winter Florida is home to a lot of migratory birds that come down from the North for some warmer weather. Bird watching can be a lot of fun for the whole family, especially with smaller children who will point and “Ooh… Aah..” at pretty much everything with wings. We recommend places like Boca Ciega and Egmont Key to go out and see some beautiful new birds.

If you’re looking to fill your coolers with some great tasting winter fish, the bay is starting to fill to the brim with Sea Trout, Sheepshead and Black Sea Bass. All of these fish taste awesome straight off the grill and with a Livewell full of shrimp you can catch enough to make the family happy and to feed a whole family gathering.

So open up that little phonebook of yours, call up that cousin you haven’t talked to in years and host the whole family over for a fish dinner.