Having an trailering repair kit for road side emergencies is a good idea. This repair kit can provide an extra peace of mind when hitting the road. Here are some repair kit items you might consider.

  1. Spare fuses and light bulbs.
  2. A spare hub with bearings in it.
  3. Wire connecting kit and electrical tape.
  4.  Spare cotter pins.
  5. Extra lug nuts.
  6. Bearing grease and a can of nut lubricant.
  7. Spare wire.
  8. Plastic wire ties.
  9. Spare tire.
  10. Tool kit with hammer, pliers, wheel cocks, four way lug wrench, jack, wire brush, knife and a tire inflator.

No one wants to deal with a roadside trailer issue. If you do have to deal with a trailer problem one day. Having a few tools and some repair items can make a road side problem easier to handle. Being able to not call a tow truck can save you time and money.