One of the biggest parts of boating is getting back and forth to the water. For some people it is as easy as letting their boat down to the water with a lift. For most of us boaters out there, we have to pull our boats to the water on trailers. This can be trying at times if we do not keep up with our trailer maintenance. Trailers are simple rolling platforms for our boats, but there is more to trailering than just keeping grease in the bearings. Watching your tire wear can be a telling sign to bigger problems. If you’re not keeping your tires inflated to the right PSI, you can wear down your tread prematurely. Now if your PSI in your tires is good but you are still having tire wear problems, this could be telling you that your axel could be bent. If you have leaf springs on your trailer, making sure they still have a crescent shape to them is important. Springs that have flattened out can cause problems and they are letting the road beat your boat up. The one thing that can be a problem while trailering your boat and affect other drivers is your lights. Brake lights, running lights and turn signals all affect the other drivers around you. Checking you lights before every trip is a good idea. Lights and wiring that are put in the water might work today but not tomorrow. These are just a few tips that can help you from having a trailer broke down on the road. Things happen even if we stay on top of our trailers maintenance. But if we just take a few moments before and after every trip to make sure our trailers are in good work condition, we can hopefully avoid a hard day on the road with our boats in tow.  Boating is a great past time but getting to the water safe can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.