The summer holiday boating season is upon us and we all want to hit the water to have some good times. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are big parts of our summer time boating plans.  Fun on the water with the family can be awesome! Here are a few tips to have a good time and stay safe at the same time. First, get an early start to your day. Boat ramps can get real busy and feeling like you’re rushed at the boat ramp can make problems. Once you’re at the boat ramp, check to make sure the drainage plug is tight in the boat. There is always someone at the boat ramp with water in their boat because they forgot to replace the plug from their last boating trip.  Watch the water ways for large wakes; a big wake can blindside your boat or come over the bow and this can lead to a short day on the water. Make sure if you’re taking your boat to the beaches, that you are familiar with the tides. An outgoing tide can leave boater stranded on unforeseen sand dunes once they are ready to leave the beach.  Be aware of divers and swimmers in the water is a must!  People in the water, while boats are in motion, can also be very dangerous. Keep an eye on the weather around you.  A storm that looks far away can be deceiving, and will become a problem if you are not keeping an eye on it.  Summer boating can be a blast and watersports and fishing can be summer time fun for everyone, just make sure you keep it safe so the good times can keep on rolling.